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At TIAN, table tennis is being played by both kids and adults. In our sports accommodation on the Witsenstraat (Arnhem Noord), we train, we play recreational and competition.
Throughout the year, various tournaments are being organized. We have our own canteen, for players and visitors.

Table tennis is a sport that can a lifelong be practiced. Moth kids start at an age of around 8 years, and many keep on playing at high age, both recreational as well as competitive!

For kids and adults, table tennis training is given by our experienced trainer Suzanne Dieker.
In these trainings, you learn the skills that make you a good player, such as serving, returning, control etcetera.

For adults, we offer the opportunity to play without training, both in single as well as in double play.

TIAN participates in the NTTB competition with youth and adult teams, in the Gelre League.
Competition games are played in teams of three players, in our own accommodation or in the towns and villages in the Gelre region (such as Nijmegen, Wageningen, Renkum). These games combine the individual sport of Table tennis with the team spirit. As teams typically consist of more than three players, it is not problematic when you are not always available.


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