Good news! From July 7 possible to play again

We finally got the green light from the city council, so we can play table tennis again! So good news !!
For the schedule for the coming summer we would like to refer you to the corona protocol (sorry, Dutch only)  It also contains the rules related to corona.
For seniors who train or play recreationally, request to register (or deregister) via the Corona subscribtion list (use link from the mail). We are also looking for members who want to man the bar during a time slot and at the same time want to keep an eye on the corona rules. Please also indicate this in the Corona subscribtion list.

Youth players do not have to register for the training, they can simply report at their regular times.

We ask everyone who comes to read the Corona Protocol carefully and follow the directions in the canteen and sports. Bring a towel so you can use it to wipe hands and face.

To be clear, coming to TIAN is yat your own risk. As a board, we have done our best to minimize the chance of mutual contamination during games and in the canteen, but are dependent on how everyone adheres to this.