Tournaments and other activities

Throughout the year, various tournaments are being organized:

  • New Year’s tournament: this tournament is being played with alternative rules
  • Club championship: beside the battle for the club’s best player, it is a tournament where all adults can have an enjoyable evening.
  • The Battle of Arnhem: this is an annual tournament against the table tennis club Treffers, located in Arnhem-Zuid.
  • Wiltschut: this tournament in the Gelre region is played after closing of the spring competition. It is played in teams with all levels mixed. Higher ranked players have a handicap, enabling lower ranked players to win from higher ranked players.

Apart from these club tournaments, members can participate in other tournaments, such as the championship of Gelderland, a 55+ tournament etc.

Every year, a club party is organized for all members. In the afternoon, an activity is organized for youth and adults, followed by a BBQ and a surprise evening.